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      Investor Relations

      Social Responsibility
      Safe, fast, economical and comfortable
      "Food, clothing, shelter, transportation" is the basic demand of the general public. The main product of the group is the highway to be built and purchased. It not only meets the society's demand for fast travel, but also effectively promotes regional economic and social development. Therefore, it is the basic social responsibility of the group to provide high-quality products and enable the society to obtain transportation services that are “safe, fast, economical and comfortable”.

      While providing products and services and making profits, companies should continue to pay attention to and respect the interests of all stakeholders. This kind of attention and respect not only comes from the importance of stakeholders to the development of the enterprise, but also comes from the gratitude and return of the enterprise to the environment on which it depends. The group’s stakeholders include shareholders, customers, employees, creditors, service providers, and the community.

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